CRSI Webinars

CRSI experts often host live webinars on varying subject matter. Live webinars are often recorded and are accessible in an "on-demand" format with 24/7 availability. Click on a link below for more information and to register/view.

1. Voided Slabs - New Trends

2. Vibrations of Reinforced Concrete Floor Systems

3. Timesaving Design Aids for Reinforced Concrete

CRSI Seminars

CRSI Region Managers and staff frequently make presentations and hold seminars on many aspects of reinforced concrete construction. Currently, CRSI staff is coordinating on-site and local presentations and seminars with our offering of continuing education topics.

If you are looking for a presentation on a specific topic, please contact your CRSI Region Manager for availability and additional information.


1. Steel Reinforced Concrete Essentials (Reinforcing 101)



2. Steel Reinforced Concrete Construction



3. Steel Reinforced Concrete Floor Systems


4. Steel Reinforced Concrete Resilience Strategies



5. Building Value with Steel Reinforced Concrete



6. Voided Concrete Flat Plate Floor Systems